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Let's take a look at my finished Sketchbook

Yayy!! I just finished my second Art Journal / Sketchbook! It's amazing what comes to life if you just spend a little bit of time each day on something. This sketchbook was mainly filled on my 20 minute lunch breaks! That's probably the reason why it took so long to finish it. But does that really matter? Not to me. This book gave me so much joy and a place where I could just unwind. I'm so thankful to everything that came with it. Of course I already started the next sketchbook! So you'll see that one in a few months from now. Until then, here's what I did over the last months. I hope you enjoy this peek into my Journal - Have fun! 

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    Bonnie Kennan (Sunday, 16 June 2019 16:10)

    I love your clean, simple style. Do you have an online class?
    Btw, I visited Vienna, Salzburg, and Melk last year. What a beautiful country! I really enjoyed it. Keep on painting!