Mindset & Painting courses

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Gouache Landscape Painting Course


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How to live a creative life and let nothing stop you!


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What people think about the Creative life course

Devon says:
"I really enjoyed the course from start to finish. Melanie is so genuine and honest. They share so many ideas and motivate you to not be afraid to start your own art business. I have listened to this course 5 times on different occasions. The course allows you to listen while you are creating your own art, I have also listened to it in the car while I am driving.

For the amount of time I have listened to it, the course was well worth the money I spent. By investing in this course I have also invested in myself and I am so glad I did."

Annika says:
"I really enjoyed Mel's course, as it immediately inspired me to create art. Their course is suitable not only for painters, but for every artist out there. Whether you write, photograph or create your own unique pieces of art. 

They also help you a lot with your mindset and that it is not important if you create „good“ art, as long as you create something. Thank you Mel for giving me the opportunity to invest in myself and my art."