My favorite Products

Below is a list of all my favorite products. I also did a video in which I talk a little bit about them. Check out the overview and links below if you're interested in buying them. Just make sure that you order them in the right sizes. I tried to add correct links, but they might change over time so please use my links, but check if the product is really the right one for you!

Legal Disclosure: I am an affiliate for multiple platforms. That means that I earn a small commission if you decide to buy something from certain links I provide. Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For further information, feel free to reach out to me via email.


Moleskine Watercolor Sketchbook

This is my favorite kind of sketchbook! I love it for watercolor and gouache. It can also handle masking fluid pretty well.

I couldn't find exactly the same size on the US Amazon, just make sure that you buy a size and format that you like!

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Hahnemüle watercolor sketchbook

I really liked this sketchbook as well. I used it for watercolors and gouache. I especially like the format of the book.


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Rendr marker sketchbook

This is hands down the best sketchbook for alcohol markers. The markers do not bleed through to the other page AT ALL! (And that's a big deal when it comes to alcohol markers!)


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Winsor and Newton Designers gouache

I really love using this gouache. It's opaque and fun to use. Just make sure that you add water to get the right consistency! 

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Arteza gouache

This is very affordable gouache. You might need a few more layers with this one, but I really enjoy using it!

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Daniel Smith watercolor

Daniel Smith has HIGH END watercolors. If you are looking for pigmented, light fast paints in the best quality, you can't go wrong with those. I recommend buying a starter set and trying them out. You can then slowly build your collection.

Buy it here


These are probably the best watercolors for beginners. There's also a great starter set that you can get.


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Prima marketing pastel dreams

If you already have a watercolor collection and are looking for some fun colors as an addition to your set, the pastel dreams are a great choice. They're pretty opaque and a bit chalky though, so keep that in mind!


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Arteza also has great watercolors. Some are more pigmented than others, but they're really worth the price. I used their palette to customize it and fill it with paints of all kinds of brands.


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Empty palette

If you are buying tube watercolors, like Daniel Smith, you might need an empty palette. They come in different sizes so buy the one that fits your needs. Meeden is a great brand, but they're generally all very good from what I've seen.


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Da Vinci Brush

This is hands down my favorite brush. It's vegan but acts like it has animal fiber. I love it for loose paintings! Da Vinci has great brushes in all sizes. This one is an investment, but it's worth it in my opinion.


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Gelly Roll pen

These are perfect for little details. They seem to contain some kind of gouache. That means that they're water soluble. I personally think that that makes them much easier to use since you can blend them with your painting if your details are a bit too harsh.


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Masking Fluid

This seems to be my first masking fluid that doesn't get clumpy after a while. I'll keep this updated to see if I still like it in a few months, but so far I really love it!


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Brush cleaner

This is soap specifically for brushes. It gets rid of stains and really helps a lot.


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Storage boxes

I really love those boxes. You can combine them however you want and store markers and pens horizontally so they don't dry out. 


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